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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Top Posts of August 2007

Here are the top 10 most-viewed posts in August, 2007.

  1. Swifty Reviews 'Flash Point 导火线' People really love Donnie Yen...

    Donnie Yen
  2. Swifty In Chile (Part 1) Contrary to my belief, everyone actually cared about my exploits at the Santiago International Film Festival (SANFIC) in Chile... or maybe they just wanted to see my photo with Leonor Varela.

    me and Leonor Varela
  3. Swifty In Chile (Part 4) Prior to giving a speech about Malaysian cinema for SANFIC, I got accused for being unhealthily obsessed with filmmaking by a gentleman unhealthily obsessed with DOTA, oh the irony?

    Q and A session after screening
  4. Swifty In Chile (Part 5): Visiting Pablo Neruda's House - La Chascona And Learning Spanish I hope this post is popular because of the great poet, and not because of my two... Spanish tutors.

    Me and my... Spanish tutors
  5. Swifty In Chile (Part 2) Tragedy struck, my screening got cancelled. There was much angst.
  6. Sifow - Love Spell Justin returns temporarily to reviewing music. The world rejoices.

  7. Swifty In Chile (Part 3) How I met Hu Shu, the film director from China, under dramatic consequences.

    With director Hu Shu
  8. Swifty Reviews 'The Simpsons Movie' Great film.
  9. Swifty Reviews 'Rush Hour 3' Not a great film.