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Friday, November 16, 2007

Annoyed By Ex-High Schoolmates Who Work In The Same Industry (Part 2)

This is the continuation of what I chronicled in my last post where an ex-schoolmate who works in a website owned by a mega media corporation had earned my ire.

I am now 3 hours away from the shooting of KURUS (English title: DAYS OF THE TURQUOISE SKY), we have employed the services of a wonderful actress whose name I shall not divulge (for now) but she was nice enough to agree to appear in the film just a day after finishing a rather exhausting musical. Being the vindictive bastard I was, I called my ex-schoolmate shortly after the confirmation of her participation yesterday (yes, she confirmed her participation 3 days before the shoot begins!) because I initially requested for people of his team to cover the KURUS shoot if possible (to do a 'making of' project), and he asked me to call him only if she is truly attached to the project.

Conversation below (I don't think there's any need to point out who is who) It's originally in Mandarin, and happened in rapid pace:


"Yeah, it's me. So, are the guys in your team finally interested in doing a 'making of' documentary of KURUS?"

"*gasp* Did you guys really get her to act in this?"


"Whoa! How much did you offer her? How many days of shoot for her? I thought she'll be busy!"

"Now you and your condescending self WILL know that even the finest of actresses in the country are willing to appear in local independent films if the material is good enough. It's not even a star vehicle for her, but an ensemble flick. And you dared give me your 'I don't give a shit' face when I explained to you back then, huh?"


"Well, mister, be thankful that I've known you since high school, otherwise I would've mutilated you and turned you into minced meat!"

"Exactly. Haha... You've known me since high school, so you should know how I tend to say crazy things like that..."

"... HMPH!"

"Well, where are you guys shooting?"


"Oh... that's way too far."

"Well, yeah, it is."

"It's hard for me to send anyone to your place, we don't really know the way there."


"But you guys can provide me your own 'making of' footages if you have the time during the shoot, and I will do my best to make something out of it and post it on our site."

"Hmmm... okay."

Ending the call, I placed my mobile phone back into my pocket and pondered. Slightly amused that the anger that prompted me to post the previous entry had dissipated so abruptly.

Later in the night, I contacted some reporter friends and some enthusiastic film students wanting to volunteer for the shoot, trying to make arrangements for someone to do a 'behind-the-scenes' for us. The latter group agreed and will do this during certain days of the KURUS shoot.

I hope some nice things will materialize out of this.

It is currently 4:04am, I'm suppose to wake up in 1 hour 56 minutes for the shoot.

Moral of this post? Perhaps it's never always necessary to bear grudges.