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Sunday, November 25, 2007

KURUS Production Diary - 'Carmen Soo Day 2'

By the time I was writing this post, I've already completed the shoot for KURUS (24th of November, one day ahead of schedule) and gone home. I'm going to start work on the editing rather soon.

Before I move on, here are more photos from 'Carmen Soo Day 1' (20th of Nov) that was taken with a digital SLR:

Miss Carol (Carmen Soo) tries to pick up books from the pond

Carmen Soo

Ali (right) and best bud Hassan
The protagonist, Ali (Arshad Zamir) and his best buddy, Hassan (played by Ahmad Muzhaffar Mustapha)

Miss Carol (Carmen Soo) and Ali (Arshad Zamir)
Miss Carol and Ali

'Carmen Soo Day 2' was the most interesting day of the entire shoot because we were going to shoot classroom scenes with a large number of extras that consist of friends and family members of the primary cast members. Doing these scenes were like reliving high school life again! 5 years felt so long ago.

We shot at a classroom in SJK (C) Kampung Baru Semenyih (I mentioned about it in this post)

Ali's class

Shooting the classroom scenes in KURUS

Unfortunately, I never had a teacher like Miss Carol...

Miss Carol (Carmen Soo) teaching

Make-up artist Agnes working on Carmen's hair.

Carmen Soo undergoing make-up

Ali is thoughtful.

Ali in Class

Sitting behind Ali is his arch-nemesis, Eli (played by Muhammad Fadhirul Anuar)

Ali's arch-nemesis, Eli (Fadhirul)

Ali giving Miss Carol a bicycle ride.

Ali giving Miss Carol a ride on his bicycle

And finally, a photo of Ming Jin the director (in grey), me (in orange, and a horrifying tan) and Aaron the cinematographer (in white) preparing for the next shot while Carmen watches on.

Preparing for a shot

That day was an enjoyable one, and definitely less grueling compared to the previous day since we didn't have to run that much, nor stay under the scorching sun. The scenes were challenging to shoot, especially when we had such a number of extras to orchestrate, yet everything turned out fine and everyone had a lot of fun. Days like this remind me why I love filmmaking.

(UPDATED 3rd of May, 2016)

The entire KURUS / DAYS OF THE TURQUOISE SKY film is here:

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KURUS trailer 2
Photos from the KURUS press conference on the 28th of Jan.
KURUS Production Diary - 'Carmen Soo Day 1'
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