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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Married For A Quarter Of A Century

28th of November, today's the 25th Wedding Anniversary of my parents. As usual, they will celebrate this in a low-key manner with relatively little fanfare tonight. This year, like every year, will be a nice little family dinner. Well darn, let's hope we'll throw something bigger during the 50th Anniversary.

In movies and TV shows, we always have the workaholic, negligent husband forgetting about his anniversary, causing much grief for his loving wife. Yet the opposite seemed to happen once with my mom ten years ago, when they were supposed to have their 15th Anniversary celebration.

Dad had hinted, since that morning, to have dinner outside and go for a movie, but mom had turned it down, saying that she needed to entertain a friend and friend's mom who were visiting our house in the evening.

And she did.

Then she remembered about the anniversary the next morning, with dismay and embarrassment.

My mom forgetting her 15th Marriage Anniversary became a running joke for many years. Dad, of course, never failed to poke fun at her.

That was ten years ago.

For me, I've been staying out of my house for the past two nights, working on the editing of KURUS (film I've worked on for the past two weeks) at Limkokwing University. Facing a tight festival deadline, have to get things done by Friday.

But I'll be going home today.

Happy anniversary, mom and dad.

Note: The story of their courtship was on the papers in June 2006.