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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Photos from KURUS Press Conference

(UPDATED on July 5th, 2016)

The entire film is here

I attended the press conference and screening of KURUS yesterday at the KL branch of Limkokwing University. Not much to say for now, just some photos to share.

Zamir and KURUS poster
16-year-old main actor Arshad Zamir and the KURUS film poster, KURUS is his first film role.

Director Woo Ming Jin and Zamir the main actor
Zamir with director Woo Ming Jin

Carmen being interviewed
Carmen Soo being interviewed

The director and the teenage cast of KURUS
Ming Jin and the teenage cast of KURUS. From left to right: Ahmad (who played Ali's best buddy Hassan), Zamir (who played Ali), Fadhirul (who played Eli the bully), Anis (who played Nora) and Iqa (who played Iqa, bullying partner of Eli)

Me and co-producer Aron, with teenage cast of KURUS
Co-producer Aron (in black, standing next to me) and I, with the KURUS teenage cast

Mislina and I
Mislina and I. Mislina is like, the Meryl Streeps of Malaysia

KURUS group photo
A group photo. First row in front, from left to right: Fadhirul, Ahmad, Ming Jin, Anis and Iqa. Second row, from left to right: Aron the co-producer and Limkokwing representative, Mislina, Zamir, me and Carmen

KURUS group photo 2
Second KURUS group photo... I don't know why I looked that weird.

One last photo after the KURUS screening
Last photo of the day before we went our separate paths. Aaron Chung the cinematographer, Isabel the film composer and Mislina's boyfriend are in this too.

Will probably try to put up more photos that weren't taken by my camera some other time.

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Coming to NTV7 soon.