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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Simple Japanese Essays I Wrote (... Like A 3-Year-Old Child) About The Twin Towers and Beautiful Women

After more than a week of Japanese Language classes, I find myself enjoying the essay-writing most. Naturally, since I've always liked writing, but a bittersweet affair, since my Japanese language skills is of a toddler's, I was incapable of expressing myself as eloquently and fluently as I do in English or Chinese.

Seeing how I could only write in simple sentences, I can only comfort myself by saying that I write like a Dadaist, foregoing the contemporary academic and cultured values of art by writing entirely without aesthetics and style.

So, here's to share two essays with you all that I wrote in the past few days during classes.

The first one:

Beautiful Women


(I like spicy food.
I like black shoes.
I like sweet drinks.
I really like beautiful women.)

My second one is more of a contemplative, subtly nationalistic nature:

Beautiful Petronas Twin Towers


(One of Malaysia's famous buildings is the Twin Towers.
Once, they were the tallest buildings in the world.
Below the Twin Towers is a shopping mall.
It is a crowded place.
Twin Towers at night is very beautiful.)