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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Most epic anime scenes ever.

One of the most important anime series of my childhood.

Nothing to me then, can be more badass than a Super Saiyajin transformation in Dragon Ball Z.

The first one, Gohan's transformation to SSJ2 is both poetic and insane. Like there's this dove of light flying across, revelation striking him, and he flips out and turns SSJ2. Awesome emotional buildup. Wham! The lingering last shot of Gohan as he stared at the camera with tears in his eyes, it's like a coming-of-age tale for him, finally losing his innocence, his future unsure. It's evocative. It's something similar to the ending in Truffaut's 400 Blows.

Now, this second video is even crazier. While Gohan needed 2 minutes to go SSJ2, Goku took FIVE crazy minutes to transform into SSJ3. That's the same length as my student short film, VERTICAL DISTANCE, and half the length of my latest, FLEETING IMAGES.

It's hypnotic. At the 4:30 minute mark, the whole thing becomes Kubrick-esque, like the Star Gate sequence in 2001: Space Odyssey. It's almost like Goku's bending time and space during his awesome SSJ transformation. Whoaaa. There is so much intensity in Goku's screaming... reminds me of myself whenever I eat something wrong and have to take an intense shit.

(I prefer the Gohan one)