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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hiking in Nasu

This happened more than 3 weeks ago, when I was at the ESC (English Summer Camp) in Nasu.

The ESC is held throughout the end of July to early August. Each round lasts for 3 days 2 nights, I think there were a total of 6 to 7 rounds. I went to the first round, and we had Japanese kids in the first year of junior high (13 year olds). They have just started learning English this year, I was there, along with numerous international students, as 'team captains' to help interact with them in English.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the camp, to me, was the hiking. It was horrifying to see how quick the kids were as they just sped through the hiking trails in the forest while we, the team captains, were trying to keep up with them. I doubt the 13-year-old me would have survived the hiking, being the fat nerdy kid I was.

I'll be posting up some photos from the summer camp in the next few days. But here
are the hiking ones. I can't really remember the name of the place though. :(

Photos of us beginning our journey:

Hiking begins 2

Hiking begins

I enjoyed the view when I ventured deeper into the forest.

Hiking in Nasu

The leaves definitely looked greener than I remembered.

Hiking in Nasu 2

Hiking in Nasu 3

I had my camcorder with me, but I doubt the video will look good.

Anyway, the hiking lasted for nearly an hour, we started hearing voices of really young kids when we were near the end, which was by the river. And it turned out that there was another schooltrip, or camp, for little kids (I guess they could be 7 to 8) to catch fishes in the river.

Little kids catching fishes
Little kids catching fishes

A few others decide to chill by the river as well.

Chillin by the river

I took some photos with the other captains after the end of our brief hiking trip.

With Nick of USA

That's Nick from Maine, USA. Very fluent in Japanese. Returned to his country for good one week after the camp. He was also in Waseda University.

With Tina of Taiwan

This is Tina from Taiwan. Also studying in Waseda. Taiwanese Tina had gone back to Taiwan two days ago as well. But only for the holidays.

My Thai classmate from Japanese class, also named Tina, was supposed to come to this camp with me but turned down in the end because she was returning to Thailand for her holidays. It would've been awesome to have two Tinas in the camp, and both being from Waseda!

With Yuna of Hong Kong

This is Yuna from Hong Kong. Really badass. More like FFX-2's Yuna than FFX's Yuna. She also has mad Jenga skills. Had also gone back to Hong Kong for good.

With Joni of Indonesia

Joni from Indonesia, probably celebrating the fact that the doubles pair from his country had just eliminated my country's Koo Kien Kiat and Tan Boon Heong in the Olympic men's doubles badminton quarter-finals yesterday. Good thing Lee Chong Wei (our ONLY hope for a medal) exacted revenge by finishing off that Sony dude from Indonesian in the men's singles quarter-finals. (He's now in the finals)

With Jadz of Philippines

Jadz from Philippines trying to audition for a hitman role in my upcoming film.