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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Film shoot at Kuala Selangor 3

The following photos are taken during the same day as my previous post, but this time, with Mei Fen's camera.

I'm going back to Tokyo tomorrow and will do the finishing touches for my new short film when I'm back there. However, I've already completed a rough cut of the film yesterday. Didn't really take such a long time, actually. I started yesterday 4ish in the morning, slept a little, then got most of it done by afternoon. And then worked on it a little more when Ming Jin, Han and the rest came over at night for some feedback.

Now I understand why most indie filmmakers here like doing minimalistic films with long quiet takes. My new film is like this, and it's just so much easier to edit compared to my previous ones like CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY and FLEETING IMAGES! There are some long lingering shots to help establish rhythm and atmosphere, but I seriously don't think it's as slow-paced as a Tsai Ming Liang film. Going for long takes and having minimal dialogue (Kimmy only has two lines in the film, the little girl Erica never talks) really doesn't mean that the film has to be slow, things do constantly happen onscreen (look at Wall-E).

P.S. Erica is a Malaysian Dakota Fanning.

Anyway, here are the photos:

Setting up a scene at the paddy fields

I examine the paddy fields

Leading Erica past the paddy field

Crossing the paddy field as I watch

Shooting the paddy field scenery

Getting close-ups of the rice plants

Beautiful paddy field of Sekinjang

Erica and her mom

Erica waiting for us to shoot a scene

Preparing to shoot a scene with Erica

Setting up at a wooden house by the sea

Instructing Erica what to do

An introspective scene of the little girl pondering

Preparing to shoot the sunset

Playing the balloon by the sea

Erica sits by the sea