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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Film shoot at Kuala Selangor

The shoot yesterday at Kuala Selangor for my new (yet untitled) short film was a success. Started out a few hours later than anticipated (... seriously need a production manager in the future), but managed to finish way ahead of schedule.

Shoot was really smooth, but towards the end, poor Li Hui, our 7-year-old main actress started crying. Film shoots can be quite boring and stressful for a child, even if working with a director who barely raises his voice like me. Will have to prepare a DS for her tomorrow, perhaps. Or comics.

All the photos were taken by Han.

Kampung house
This is the place where we shot everything yesterday. 3 generations of Malay family live here and they were really nice and easygoing. I felt REALLY bad that I shot dining scenes in front of them while they were fasting :(

Li Hui is disapproving.
Main actress Li Hui was disapproving my dictatorial directing methods.

Reunited with my old Chinese fan
I lost one of my newer Chinese paper fans in Tokyo, but was happy to bring my old one along to this shoot (I'm never without a paper fan during shoots)

Miharu preparing props
Miharu making props

Li Hui needs the fan while we prepare the set.
It was an insanely hot day. Good thing she has a little fan. (Li Hui's accompanied by her mom, Auntie Mei Ling)

Setting up a scene
Me setting up the dining scenes

The first dining scene

Waiting for the next scene

Han and Li Hui
Han with Li Hui

Kimmy forcefeeds Li Hui
Kimmy forcefeeds Li Hui

Shooting on the boat
Ming Jin and Lesly on the boat preparing to shoot. Me and the three Greenlight Pictures interns.

Shooting on the boat 2

Angsting on a boat
The obligatory Kimmy angsting scene

Mending fishing nets
Mending fishing nets