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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Odd dream from an afternoon nap

I always seem to get the weirdest dreams from afternoon naps, I think. Just like moments ago, when I unknowingly slip into a nap while watching something and dreamed of someone who had plagued my mind for the past few weeks.

We were both seated in a colourfully decorated bedroom that conjured memories of Amelie or Wes Anderson films, and I handed her a pile of papers, most of them rumpled. They were ugly sketches of random places, I assumed they were drawn by myself due to their ugliness.

"Just some places I wanted to bring you to. For now I let you feel their essence!" I said grandly and without a single hint of self-awareness.

Her hands shuffling through the papers, she studied the pitiful drawings closely.

"Maybe I should paint over them." She said.

"Go ahead." I said.

Moments later she fell asleep with the pile of papers lying next to her. The wind blew, and some scattered away. I went off to pick them up.

She was awake again and asked whether I wanted to meet some of her friends.

I nodded.

We were then seated at a long dining table. A bunch of loud, boisterous dudes sat together with us, their faces a combination of random people I knew from high school, since I felt that they were vaguely familiar.

Everyone was in the middle of a conversation. They laughed over something.

I woke up and felt the warm afternoon sun of Tokyo shining through my window, accompanied by the sound of rustling leaves.