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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A very sweet gesture from the 3PM cast and crew

So I've wrapped up the shoot for my newest Japanese short film, 3PM last Friday. And had am now editing it.

Here's a photo of the cast and crew sent to me by main actress Yumiko Kitazawa (you can also read about the shoot from her blog, but it's only in Japanese).

The Cast and Crew of 3PM
From left to right: Yumiko the lead actress, Ko the sound guy, Kabayama the camera assistant turned lead actor, me, Erika the cinematographer and Yuiko the producer/ assistant director

Like I said, I've immediately started work on editing the film the night when I finished the shoot, and things seem encouraging thus far.

It was cool to receive a thank you note from Yumiko over the weekend, and then Yuiko, who told me that she had left some Black Thunder (my favourite chocolate bar that I often have for lunch) in the fridge at the editing lab.

So this morning went I went to the lab to continue my editing, I found the Black Thunders.

Yuiko the producer/ assistant director left some Black Thunders in my fridge

Black Thunder is... life

Thanks. It was a very fun shoot.

Black Thunder is not just a chocolate bar. It is a way of life.

As a bonus, I'm sharing the video of the June 12th line-reading session we had with you guys (I mentioned the session here).