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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wannabe artistic shots of Hachiko statue

I've written about the sad and tragic tale of Faithful Dog Hachiko last year. The Hachiko movie starring Richard Gere is also coming out next month, (But I'm not sure whether to see it since... I already knew that Richard Gere's going to die in it :(:(:( )

Now armed with a new camera, I decided to take some artsy shots of its statue.

Hachiko statue at night

I tried taking a photo of the statue's lower body.

Crappy blurry photo of Hachiko statue's lower body (with two cute chicks in background)

It was a little blurry.

So I tried another one.

Lower part of Hachiko statue (with a chick behind talking to the phone)

Better. But see the chick on the right?

She never stopped fiddling with her phone.

Girl sitting behind Hachiko whose only attention is on her phone

Er. Off-topic.

So I continued taking photos of Hachiko, this time from afar.

Hachiko statue from afar (and a chick talking on the phone sitting in foreground)

Then I tried zooming in to do a really artistic shot of the statue's pedestal.

Extreme close-up of Hachiko statue pedestal (with chicks on phone in background)

I think the pedestal looked pretty good. (it's the one on the right of the photo)

My attempts at artistic photography of the Hachiko statue weren't too impressive, it's a shame these young women were wandering into the shots too.