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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival 2009 party (... or one of them)

One more day left in Seoul.

Yesterday was my last day in KOFIC lab. Mr. Oh has finished the colour correction and we also got ourselves some nifty end credits too. Once I return to Malaysia tomorrow, Ming Jin will be working on the sound mixing with Soundwave, then the film transfer. Too bad I won't be able to see all those. But I'll be excited to see WOMAN ON FIRE LOOKS FOR WATER having its world premiere at October's Pusan International Film Festival in glorious 35mm. *sob*

Ming Jin, Mr Oh and I in front of KOFIC

For the past 10 days, Sandy had been the one taking care of us, picking us up from our service apartment to the KOFIC office every morning, translating for us, taking us to cool places for lunch and dinner. Thanks Sandy!

Sandy, Ming Jin, Mr Oh and I in front of KOFIC

The Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival (CINDI) had started a couple of days ago. Ming Jin won Best Film and Best Director awards for THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA at its inaugural film festival two years ago, and last year our TV movie, KURUS (or DAYS OF THE TURQUOISE SKY) was in competition as well. Although we don't have a film in this year's festival, we were, of course, given passes, and were allowed to go to their party last night :D

I like the party in CINDI, it's pretty small and intimate, everyone gets to mingle with one another,

CINDI party

Here's Lou Ye, whose film SPRING FEVER 春风沉醉的晚上, was the opening film for CINDI. I really liked his previous film, SUMMER PALACE 頤和園, which banned him from making films in China because 'he did submitted the film to Cannes without approval from Chinese censors'.

With director Lou Ye 娄烨

Ming Jin and I with Lou Ye 娄烨

Sandy dropped by briefly with her niece (visiting from US) to say bye bye to me. It was up until this point that I noticed that my normally spiky hair wasn't spiky any more. Should have brought my gel with me.

With Sandy and her niece

CINDI program manager Miyonne finally getting to eat. (background's Tomoko, Ming Jin's wife)

Miyonne eating, Tomoko in background

From left to right, Paolo, Tomoko, Miyonne and me.

Paolo, Tomoko, Miyonne and I

Singapore-based Malaysian artist/ photographer/ filmmaker Sherman Ong. His film FLOODING IN THE TIME OF DROUGHT is in competition at CINDI.

With filmmaker/artist/photographer Sherman Ong

With Paolo.

With Paolo

After that I decided to pull the Nyan Nyan pose, which was made famous by Korean and Japanese models, as displayed expertly by Miyonne here.

Cat family

I like doing the Nyan Nyan pose too.

Nyan Nyan pose