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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A radio interview that almost happened. Almost.

A few days before I returned from Tokyo, I received an email from a radio station asking for an interview with me. So I said yes, I was coming back to Malaysia anyway.

After coming back, I remained in contact with the guy on e-mail, finally confirming the time for the interview. I was asked to go to their studio on Chinese New Year Eve.

At 3pm just now, I arrived at their place. No one was in the office, just a few people in the studio.

I rang the doorbell.

Being a recording studio that was soundproof, no one was able to hear me.

I rang the doorbell again.

No one could hear me either.

I rang again and again and again.

No response.

I called the guy who was supposed to be coordinating everything with me. He wasn't in the office, but he handed me his producer's number and asked me to call her.

I called.

No response.

I called again.

No response either.

I left her a text message: "Heya, I'm Edmund Yeo, I thought we're supposed to have an interview...?"

Minutes later, I received a reply. "Oh no! The interview wasn't confirmed, so I'm doing another recording. Can I call you later to reschedule? I'm sorry"

Wow. Was the only reaction I could think of.

I replied: "Er, but I had confirmed the time with ____, and I was told to come here today at 3pm."

I was about to call the first guy again, but before I could do so, he emerged from the elevator, having rushed all the way from a family lunch to see me. He was very apologetic.

There was a mix-up. A miscommunication. Another program was scheduled instead.

Like I said, he was very apologetic.

In the end I had no choice but to leave the studio with him.

After standing there ringing the bell for half an hour, at least there was a resolution.

Was I furious? Angry? Nah.

I was just stunned, incredulous, awed.

After doing a couple of interviews myself, of course I absolutely wasn't expecting something like this to happen. To have such an occurrence was an extremely educational eye-opener, a nice reminder for me that life's full of surprises. I'm proud of my country. It was silly of me to not prepare for this at all!

What a way to spend my Chinese New Year Eve 2010! Thank you for this remarkably unprecedented experience. RESPECT~!