16th of March. Happy birthday, dad.

Today is my dad's birthday. I'm returning to Tokyo tomorrow.

Dad@Pavillion hotel shenzhen 17/12/09

Most dads want their children to have financial stability, my dad merely wants me to be happy. So I took the filmmaking path for the sake of fulfilling a childhood dream.

It had been fun going to some film festivals with dad.

Breakfast at the Beach
Having breakfast in Dubai, 2008

The Dubai Film Fest bus stop outside Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Dubai Film Festival 2008

Family photo at Eibunren Awards
Eibunren Awards ceremony, Tokyo, December 2009

Holding the Best Director award trophy with dad after China Mobile Film Fest 09 awards ceremony
After the China Mobile Film Festival awards ceremony, Shenzhen, December 2009

Happy birthday, dad.

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