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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The 8th day of Chinese New Year 2010

21st of February. It was the 8th day of Chinese New Year, 2010. Some Chinese families of the Hokkien dialect group have a special praying ceremony when it's midnight, during the beginning of the 9th day. (Not mine though.)

Here's from Wikipedia about the 9th day of Chinese New Year.

The ninth day of the New Year is a day for Chinese to offer prayers to the Jade Emperor of Heaven (天宮) in the Taoist Pantheon. The ninth day is traditionally the birthday of the Jade Emperor. This day is especially important to Hokkiens. Come midnight of the eighth day of the new year, Hokkiens will offer thanks giving prayers to the Emperor of Heaven. Offerings will include sugarcane as it was the sugarcane that had protected the Hokkiens from certain extermination generations ago. Incense, tea, fruit, vegetarian food or roast pig, and paper gold is served as a customary protocol for paying respect to an honored person.

On that day I got my new then-new 7D camera, I headed to visit family friends Uncle and Auntie Tan's house.

Everyone's watching some Mickey Mouse cartoon

Remember the photos of durian in my previous post? They were kindly provided by Uncle and Auntie Tan.

Wei Ting is their granddaughter, and daughter of my friend Seng Kee's elder bro Seng Kuan. But when I was there, most of the time she was watching Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Wei Ting eating lolipop

Which is cool, it's nice to see some kids still watching Disney cartoons nowadays, just like how I did during my childhood. If only there were still more of those Looney Tunes cartoons on TV though.

During Chinese New Year, I am crazy over the pineapple tarts.

Pineapple Tarts, can't leave without it

In fact, I think I finished 2-3 jars of them cos no one else at home eats it. So yeah, I helped myself at Auntie and Uncle Tan's home too.

Parents talking to Auntie Tan

From left to right: Uncle Tan, Seng Guan and Seng Kee

Seng Guan, Seng Kee with their dad, Uncle Tan

Parents and my sis, chatting with Auntie Tan.

Parents still chit chatting with auntie Tan

Auntie Tan, Uncle Tan and Seng Guan

Auntie Tan had already done a lot of preparations for the praying ceremony.

Preparation for praying ceremony

Seems that a lot of meticulousness is necessary for the preparations, I'm sure the Jade Emperor had enjoyed them then.