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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Another afternoon in Asakusa, then at the Lucie Rie exhibition in Roppongi

On Sunday, the posters of THE TIGER FACTORY were finally delivered to us. They looked good. To celebrate that, Professor Ando decided to organize a short tour in Asakusa for Ming Jin and the rest of us THE TIGER FACTORY gang.

Ming Jin and Professor Ando
Professor Ando and Ming Jin

Senso-ji, as usual, was crowded.

Senso-ji, crowded as usual

So we weren't there for long.

After that we thought to take a boat ride across Sumida River. But it was way crowded.

A boatload of people

We ended up watching the passing boat instead.

Standing by Sumida River

After a while, I spotted a vaguely familiar sight emerging from the distance.

It was the Himiko Waterbus. Nearly a year ago, I took a night cruise in the Himiko Waterbus, it was rather memorable.

Ming Jin with Himiko Waterbus

Me with Himiko Waterbus

That's Yuiko the assistant producer.

Yuiko with Himiko Waterbus

We crossed a bridge.

People cycling past one of the many Sumida River bridges

Scenery across Sumida River

We then headed off to Roppongi.

Professor Ando and Yuiko (along with the camera-shy Kobayashi-sensei) with two versions of THE TIGER FACTORY poster.

Professor Ando and Yuiko (with Kobayashi-sensei) with The Tiger Factory posters

We ended up at the National Museum of Arts in Roppongi. Professor Ando had free tickets of the Lucie Rie (1902-1995) exhibition. Lucie Rie's an Austrian-born British potter.

Lucie Rie

Many of her designs were in display.

Some potteries by Lucie Rie

After snapping that last photo, I saw a cute museum attendant walking hurriedly towards me. I thought she wanted an autograph. She told me that photography wasn't allowed in the exhibition.