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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Malaysia fattens me.

I've been back in Malaysia for nearly a week. Had been putting together a video shoot for the weekend, pondering the screenplay for my feature-length script, watching movies at home (watched HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, the new KARATE KID, Fellini's LA DOLCE VITA and Herzog's THE WILD BLUE YONDER) and the cinema (well, I just got back from watching DESPICABLE ME)... and er, eating a lot of nice stuff.

I don't really 'miss' Malaysian food when I'm in Tokyo. There are Malaysian restaurants in Tokyo, but I'm happy enough with my usual bentos and ramen (... or McDonald's).

But now that I'm back here, I make the most out of enjoying the food here.

Last Friday I was at this Seow Teow (or Siow Tiow) restaurant in Klang.

Siow Tiow restaurant in Klang

Place had some nice prawn noodles.

Prawn noodles

The O-Jian (egg and oyster omelette) is one of the best, if not the best, I've ever tasted.

O-Jian (Oyster egg omelette)

In the past week, I've been to PappaRich three times.

PappaRich, Section 17

Twice for a late-night drink with my friend Peng Shien, where I usually sample its glorious durian ice kacang. (and once for a production meeting in the afternoon, another video project that I'm taking on in the next week or so)

Glorious ice kacang at PappaRich

Last night after a costume-fitting session with the lead actress of my upcoming video, Moon Lai (or Fooi Mun, she's the lead actress of THE TIGER FACTORY), we went to the Mamak stall next to the bank near my house.

That MayBank nasi lemak place

The place is known for its nasi lemak (coconut milk rice with curry and other stuff).

Yummy nasi lemak

The old shop buildings around me had a strange sort of charm at night.

7-11 at Seapark