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Friday, November 12, 2010

I haven't vomited since '05...

I felt that something was wrong two nights ago when I was suddenly afflicted with diarrhea. What could've caused it? The onigiri I bought in a convenience store for lunch? The bento from the nice elderly couple that I've had for dinner (a favourite of mine for the past two years)? The iced chocolate I drank two hours later during a meeting?

Not dwelling upon the issue, I quickly took the famed Po Chai pills. The discomfort lasted for two hours before everything subsided and I could sleep again.

When I woke up yesterday, I felt a little better, and assumed that I've recovered. I took a few gulps of water, then I was overwhelmed by a strong feeling of nausea.

Oh shit... was the words in my mind as I ran out of my room, hoping to reach the toilet in time.

I couldn't make it.

Immediately I vomited outside my door.

Meals from the day before sprawled all over the floor. I could see the rice, the vegetables, bits of eggs...

... covering my shoes outside my room.

It was disgusting.

I vomited again.

I heard the sound of door opening behind me.

It was the AFO (asshole fat otaku) staying adjacent to my room. I had given the AFO the silent treatment for more than a year because he had complained about the jazz music that I listened to at night. I generally listened to my music in a rather low volume, yet AFO was always the one complaining. I remembered how one night, last year, he slammed my door and screamed, and when I opened my door in fury, he was already gone. Then the next day, I was visited by authorities telling me about AFO's complaint.

Good morning, you fat piece of lard. I hope you like the smell of my vomit. I felt a little dizzy and was unable to turn around. I was still hunched over the contents of my vomit.

Then I vomited for the third time.

AFO closed his door.

I spent the next hour cleaning up the mess. I had to throw away some of my 100 yen umbrellas. My 3-year-old Nike sneakers, already worn out and filled with holes, also became a casualty.

I tried to think of the places this shoe had followed me to. I bought it in Perth in 2007, but only started wearing it around late 2008. It's been the same pair of shoes I've worn everyday and to numerous film festivals and other cities I've visited.

Dubai in 2009. Seoul in 2009. Venice in 2009. Pusan in 2009. Shenzhen in 2009. Bratislava in 2010. Cannes in 2010. Brest and Brignogan in 2010. Hong Kong in 2010. Guangzhou in 2010. Hamburg in 2010. Pusan again in 2010.

The shoes had a good run. I wrapped it up and tossed it into the bin nearby.

I was bedridden for an entire day.

The last time I vomited was 2005. That's half a decade ago. (Since I generally don't drink, I don't really get into a lot of puking incidents.)

To think that I haven't vomited for half a decade amused me a little.

Kong told me that the main culprit was the bento, since he also had diarrhea the day before from eating from the same bento shop. It's horrible, to think that the bento shop had been my favourite for the past two years, and the old couple had been so nice.

I also heard that someone else staying at my place had ended up in the hospital two nights ago due to food poisoning too, the bento was also a suspect.

"DON'T BUY FROM THEM ANYMORE!" Someone on FB chat suggested overzealously after hearing my plight.

"Easy for you to say. I've been a happy loyal customer for 2 years, It'll be stupid if I deprive myself of their wondrous bento just because of one incident." I could barely contain my annoyance.

Nonetheless, someone should tell the nice elderly couple about the incident(s), if they haven't been informed already. I hold no ill will towards them, but nonetheless, I'll probably need to take a break from eating their delicious karaage (fried chicken) bento for a couple of weeks.