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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Student protesters crashing party in Torino

After visiting the National Cinema Museum, I saw another group of student protesters. Dum dum dum.

Another student protest in Torino


During the evening, I went for one of the tours in Lumiq Studios.

Tour in Lumiq studios


They have a huge film studio. Second largest in Italy (or was it Europe? I can't exactly remember), actually, and the highest.

one of the biggest film studios in Europe

Altogether they have four studios, but one had been converted into a wardrobe room for an upcoming period film. Here are the costumes, along with the references used by the costume designers and makers.


References for costume design

Another studio of theirs.


When I walked out of the building, it was starting to snow.

Snow drifting in the air

Snow in Torino



Went back to the bus, watched the traffic through the snow.


We actually returned to the National Cinema Museum for the award ceremony.

The Torino Film Lab was divided into two groups, the training group, which I was at, (for people who want to develop their screenplays) and the development group, which Seng Tat was at (for people who already have screenplays but seeking funding)

Awards in the form of production funds are given to some in the development group, while a few from the training group were given the chance to join the development group for next year.

Award ceremony

Seng Tat won a grant of 100 000 Euros for his film. You can see how overwhelmingly exhilarated he was... yeah.

Seng Tat was overjoyed

Awardees of this year's Torino Film Lab

No, my project wasn't selected for next year's development group. Pity. But at least I managed to finish a screenplay, and perhaps I wouldn't have to wait for another year to kick things into motion, been itching to do my first feature-length film.

There was then a party.

The party got interrupted by student protesters.




They weren't happy with (Minister of Education) Gelmini's reforms.

Protesting Gelmini

The sounds they made rang through the air, they were making their distaste known, their thoughts heard, their anger felt.

I smiled a little. What a way to send me off.

I left Torino at dawn. Having not sleep at all, I fell into a deep slumber in the bus to the airport. Slept so well in the 45 minute journey that the driver had to wake me up after we reached the place.

I was back in Tokyo on the 2nd of December. But only for a little while. In less than 24 hours later, I caught another flight to Manila.

For the Cinemanila Film Festival.