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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another new film project beckons

After finishing my latest short film late last month in the sound studios of Honjo (Japan), and a brief stint at the Jeonju International Film Fest, I had returned to Malaysia and went through a relatively idyllic lifestyle.

Well, aside from plotting a new script and preparing for a film festival trip next month, I have also been prepping a new short film project with regular collaborator Ming Jin. (to the uninitiated, he produced my last shorts INHALATION and the latest LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER, I produced and co-wrote his THE TIGER FACTORY etc.)

This short film, a Malaysian-Danish co-production, will be directed by him and a Danish director. (I'm producing this time, and probably editing too, if necessary) We also have a foreign actress. It is a short film project of much ambitiousness and scope.

So I'm heading off the next few days to go location scouting with Ming Jin. Ming Jin's daughter Hanae is coming for the ride too.

Ming Jin and baby Hanae

I hope she will get to act in this film as well. Go Hanae. Imagine the following image in 3D, insane, no?