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Friday, May 20, 2011

The EPIC location scouting day 2

The second day of the location scouting began with sheer epic magnificence. We went through an area to seek some photogenic wilderness.

There was a large dying tree with a sad history. (it was a great durian tree, its owner started leasing the land around it to others, when people started working on developing the place, the durian tree stopped producing and is now dying a slow painful death in a place forgotten by most.

We then checked out some mangrove area.

Before heading to the beach.

Fei Ling, one of the producers of my last short film LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER was with us. (she is also played the titular character in WOMAN ON FIRE LOOKS FOR WATER)

She's here for the public screening of Tan Chui Mui's THE YEAR WITHOUT SUMMER (she was the assistant director), and also to help us out with some of the location scouting and asking the locals for assistance since she is the most familiar with the area.

Alas she is unable to help us during the short film shoot because she is attached to produce another feature film (she is hot commodity). :(

Fei Ling wants to fly