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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Letting Go

He and She had a wistful conversation. They came to a conclusion.

"Pain is inevitable in life. Ups and downs. All of it." She said.

"Uh huh, that's why life is an adventure." He said.

"Yup, just enjoy it." She said.

"I do. I never let the pain cripple me, I merely embrace it, letting it linger, just so I can create." He said.

"I agree. But don't you feel like letting it go though? Perhaps it's easier said than done." She said.

"I've already let go of the person, long ago. Just not memories of her." He said.

"Yeah, well said." She said.

"Of course!" He said.

"Sometimes, I still remember a lot of things I've spent time doing with my ex-boyfriend. Like jogging, a mundane. Then I ask myself why I still think of him. But some things can't be helped, rather that than to repress them." She said.

"It's not him you were thinking, but just memories of what it was like to be in love." He said.

There was a pause, then he added:

"Perhaps that is what I myself am also clinging on to."