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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My short film, EXHALATION, screening at Tokyo International Film Festival

On the day that Tokyo was hit by a massive typhoon, the Tokyo International Film Festival (Oct 22-30) announced its full line-up.

My short, EXHALATION, will be screened at the festival as part of the SUGINO KIKI: MUSE OF THE ASIAN INDIE CINEMA program.

Kiki Sugino and Tomoe Shinohara in EXHALATION

This program showcases five works that Kiki had starred and/or produced over the past few years. EXHALATION is paired up with Lim Kah Wai's MAGIC AND LOSS, which stars Kim Kkobbi and Yang Ik-June. Lim Tai-Hyung's TWO RABBITS IN OSAKA, an apocalyptic fantasy, will be having its world premiere. The critically-acclaimed HOSPITALITE by Koji Fukada, which won best Japanese film at Tokyo Film Festival last year, will be screened too, along with the 2006 omnibus film, ONE SHINING DAY, where Kiki made her acting debut.

Kiki is also presenting the late Yasmin Ahmad's last film, TALENTIME. Yasmin was a major influence for Kiki.

You can read more about this on Film Business Asia, which featured a quote of mine on Kiki.

"Numerous interesting projects were able to get made because of [Sugino's] hard work. It's very brave of her to collaborate with filmmakers of different countries; I can't think of a better way for her to grow rapidly as both a producer and an actress."

I'm glad that I can finally show EXHALATION to its home audience, almost two years after it was shot (and almost a year after it made its world premiere in Dubai Film Fest last December). Exhalation had since been screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Jeonju International Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, Hong Kong nDpanda Short Film Festival and the Curtas Vila de Conde International Film Festival 2011. The famous film critic and former Cahiers Du Cinema editor-in-chief Jean-Michel Frodon had also screened that film in a cafe at Paris few months ago. Awesome!

So yeah, if you were in Tokyo, I hope you'll come for my screening. I'll be around for an introduction, and also for a post-screening Q and A session.

Trailer here.

You can catch 5 minutes of the short film on Twitch. That's almost a quarter of the entire film!