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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Visiting Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world (so I can be like Tom Cruise)

I was a little disappointed that I couldn't catch MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL at the opening ceremony of Dubai Film Fest. Being filmed in Dubai, the film had caused such a sensation that all the bigwigs and important people and probably even members of the royal family had reserved their places for its world premiere (and catch a glimpse of Tom Cruise).

Wanting to be like Tom, I decided to visit the Burj Khalifa. It wasn't open to public the first two times I went to Dubai (2008, 2010).

The entrance to its observation deck was in the gargantuan Dubai Mall itself. Where a nice mini Burj greeted all of us.

Miniature Burj Khalifa at the entrance

We were also kindly reminded that MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL was shot there.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was shot in Burj Khalifa

I made my way towards the elevator. Walking past this really cool video installation/ moving pictures sort of thing on the wall.

Cool moving picture on the wall

Cool video installation-type thing

Cool video installation-type thing 2

There was dramatic music playing with introduction videos of the Burj Khalifa.

Very lofty and grand.



I looked up the sky, through a glass ceiling, and saw the Burj. Which felt even grander because of the grand music playing in the background.

Seeing the majestic Burj Khalifa from below



I felt that exclamation marks should have been added behind these words for more impact.

So, I finally reached the elevator.

Waiting for the elevator

Got into the elevator.

(and took a photo of me in the elevator)

Me, in the elevator

And reached the observation deck on the 124th floor. (note: The observation deck isn't at the top of the building, sadly) The observation deck is called AT THE TOP, by the way.

AT THE TOP Observation Deck

The view from the top was pretty nice. I almost wanted to look at the world with contempt, being so high up in the sky.

View of Dubai from the top

The observation deck is pretty cool-looking

View from the top is pretty nice

Seeing how some people liked sitting by the glass for photos...

Girls posing with the nice scenery

I did the same.

Yay, I'm on top of Dubai

The telescope didn't look like any telescopes I've seen before.


In the observation deck, there's a shop selling memorabilia.

Lego Burj Khalifa being sold

Miniature Burj Khalifas sold at the shop

I wondered then, that if the observation deck is the world's highest deck, is this shop the world's highest shop?

As I walked around, something caught my eye. I noticed that I could see the shadow of the Burj Khalifa, cast over the city of Dubai.

I reached out my hand, touching its shadow.

Touching the shadow of Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world