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Thursday, April 12, 2012

My (stunningly beautiful, of course) Instagram photos of the week

The past week had been pretty busy for me. I was "supervising" the post-production of the TV thing that I shot in Malaysia last month (when I said supervising, I pretty much meant "jumping into the whole damn thing and doing a lot of re-editing myself), while simultaneously doing the pre-production for a short film (that I'm shooting right now).

Anyway, you might notice that numerous photos I've posted on this page were from Instagram, a service I rather liked because of the way it could enhance my iPhone photos. Everyone's talking about it now since it got acquired by Facebook for a measly sum of $1 billion dollars, I also thought that the photos I took had been increasingly awesome, so I'm sharing the ones that I have taken in the past week.

On the 6th of April, while on our way to do our recce (a term we used for pre-filming location visits), my cinematographer gave me a seagull egg. It was very sweet and yummy.

Eating #seagull #egg #かもめのたまご while doing #recce for an upcoming project. Very sweet and yummy.

When I was at Kamakura, walking past the famous Zeniarai Benten Shrine, I was struck by its interesting tunnel entrance, looked full of mysteries.

Two girls walking into an endless #tunnel of a #japanese #shrine

Meanwhile, as all these were happening, we were in the middle of the cherry blossom season. Near where I live, the cherry blossom petals were already falling into the Kanta river, a sight that had always struck me even though this was the third time I've seen it.

Cherry blossom petals floating soundlessly into the river.

Finally, today, at the beach during the sunset, a child enjoyed the wind.

The little girl and the sea.

So yeah, look for "edmundyeo" on Instagram if you want to have your mind blown away by more awesome pictures of mine :D