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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Arriving at the Sapporo Short Film Fest 2012 opening ceremony

Yesterday morning, I made my way from Narita to Sapporo. My dad has joined the fun as well.

My eloquent tweets pretty much covered most of the trip.

I spent most of the 2-hour flight sleeping. Arriving at Shin-Chitose Airport, I took the rapid train to Sapporo, checked into my hotel, and made my way to the Opening Ceremony.

It was raining a little. I liked seeing the colorful lights reflected upon the wet surface of the road.

Rained a little in Sapporo yesterday. I like seeing the colorful lights reflected upon the wet surface of the road.

There was a dance performance.

After that, the mayor of Sapporo and a couple of other people gave speeches.
The jury members were also introduced.

Yes, in this film festival, there is a children's jury, made up of children, they would go through the films and pick their winners. During the opening ceremony, they already handed out the award to a film. I presumed it was an animated short.

I really, REALLY don't dare to imagine what would happen if they were forced to go through my own LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER. Probably fell asleep during the first few minutes...

So, this is a photo of me at the opening.

At the Sapporo Film Fest 2012 opening

But my favourite photo of the opening ceremony was the one below.

After the opening ceremony, I was tempted to try one of those Sapporo-styled ramen. So I did.

My screening begins in less than 2 hours.