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Monday, January 06, 2014


After four intense days, I have finally completed the first leg of the RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS film shoot last night.

Unlike my earlier shoots, the constant development of smartphones and social media has made it possible for everyone in my team to take photos of the production, chronicling things that I myself wasn't able to see.

So once again I'm compiling Facebook posts from my producer, cast members and crew members from the last 3 days.

3rd of January, the second day of the shoot happened mostly at the forest and by the river.

The 3rd day was the most intense. Call time was 4am (I had only an hour of sleep before that), and we headed out to the sea around 5am.

It was worth it.

My croc was a collateral damage during the shoot.

Day 4 was infinitely lighter and more relaxing.

RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS, my debut feature, is divided into three "parts" (or chapters, I'm still undecided). After four days, I've finished most of the first part. The rest will be shot on February. For now, I can rest for a month.

When Paolo visited the set yesterday (Day 4 of the shoot), he remarked that my set has a very relaxed and casual atmosphere, where everyone's working entirely without stress, and just having fun laughing and joking around.

Six years have passed since I did my very first short film CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY. Within these six years, I have done countless short films, a few TV series, web series and many others that I can barely even count. Most of the time I am blessed with a great set.

Perhaps the director usually affect the nature of a film set, I never really lose my temper, or barely even raise my voice (something that most people find it hard to believe). The most frustrating shoots I ever had are the ones when the producers seem intent to sabotage their own production and preventing me from doing my job (as in, preventing me from helping them make something as great as it can be because their priority is something else) But then, when a film shoot is the thing that I enjoy the most in this world, what's the point of being a dick about it? I can get what I want without being a tyrant.