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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Photos (and videos) from the MASYA ALISYA shoot

Two days after I came back from Copenhagen, I immediately headed off to a TV movie shoot that I was co-directing. Here are some photos from the Masya Alisya set.

This film is a musical (the ONCE / BEGIN AGAIN-type, not the LES MISERABLES type) starring the winners of local American Idol-esque singing competition series like Akademi Fantasia and Ceria Popstar (this one is for under 15).

Our lead actor is Aril, runner-up of the 2009 Akademi Fantasia. He plays a has-been pop singer-turned-secondary school music teacher, Razak.

His students are played by this year's Ceria Popstar winner, Masya, and the 1st and 2nd runners-up, Iqbal and rap duo Jomengo.

Even the little girl, Erissa, who played Alisya's little sister, was a Ceria Popstar participant. (she got 5th place, I think)

Singer Daiyan Trisha rounds up the cast as Razak's potential love interest, Dee (referencing a previous role in a previous telemovie, apparently)

More photos of us in action, I guess.

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I'll now share previous videos of the cast members' singing performances. Aril sang some good songs in the film, but I can't find the music videos, so I'll make do with GANJIL, the most recent song I could find on Youtube.

Daiyan also sang KERANA KAU in Masya Aliysa. KERANA KU, apparently, is the theme song of the telemovie Dee.

The signature songs of the Ceria Popstar kids are also performed in the film. (Masya's TEMAN BINTANG, Iqbal's IBU, JoMeGo's KAU BOLEH BUAT).

Erissa didn't get to sing in the TV movie itself. But this is her music video.