I've been trying to find the term for this. A series of tweets in a row about the same thing, usually to alleviate the 140-character limit.

Multi-tweet essay? Multiple-tweets?

Apparently it's called a Tweetstorm.

Since RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS' premiere in Tokyo last October, the film has gotten some Tweetstorm from viewers in Japan. Their thoughts had been very insightful and invaluable, so I always wanted to put them here. To help myself remember.

This one's from Wanda (@Patrick_Orouet)

After that, there is also a series of tweets from ロジオン・ろじお (@boxineman) who saw the film twice, during the festival in October, and again, at the encore screening in Feb 28. These are his tweets, from his first viewing to after his second viewing:

And finally,by Hato (@hatoincident).

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