360° music videos

Quite an eye-opener!

An hour ago, I saw Lesly the cinematographer sharing Björk’s new music video on Facebook. It's for 'Stonemilker', from her latest album Vulnicura.

What blew my mind is the fact that it's in 360°!

WORLD PREMIERE: Get interactive with Björk's panoramic video for 'Stonemilker' !
Posted by Dazed and Confused Magazine on Friday, June 5, 2015

Last month, Squarepusher released their music video for Store Eiglass, it is also viewed in the form of a virtual reality experience.

Experiencing a Tomorrowland concert in 360°

360° music videos, of course, aren't exactly new. A couple of years ago, Tanlines shot a music video with the GoPano camera too.

Hmmm, it's something that I myself would like to try in the future.

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