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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Nicole 赖淞凤 【和时光拔河】 MV 30秒预告 (30-second trailer of a music video I did)

前阵子执导了歌手NICOLE赖淞凤的【和时光拔河】MV, 听说已经在电视上播放了。 我自己什么都不知道, 只是昨天晚上在脸书上被人TAG了(好像是NICOLE的个人户口), 才有机会看看这MV的30秒预告片!

在那么多不同的地方取景, 其实这MV也经过了蛮漫长的制作过程。 但也感恩大家给我这样的机会做这样的实验。

当然也谢谢NICOLE这首歌, 激发了我的创作力。 NICOLE拍这MV的时候非常的拼, 在非常热的天气下又要唱歌, 跳舞, 跑等等。 希望下次有机会再合作!

这MV是我拍摄生涯里用最多不同摄影机的作品。 又RED SCARLET, 又DRONE, 又自己的BLACKMAGIC CINEMA CAMERA, 那些慢镜头还用了自己新买的SONY RX10 ii, 还有一些是手机的。 所以剪接的时候也蛮有挑战性的, 但都顺利完成了。

(A while ago I directed the music video of pop singer Nicole Lai, whose voice is absolutely incredible. I heard that the music video is finally airing on Astro. I wasn't aware of anything until I started seeing this 30-second trailer on Facebook. It was an absolutely pleasure working with Nicole.

The music video had actually gone through quite a long postproduction process, I was collecting shots in Tokyo, Yokohama, Wuhan and Beijing. I don't think I've ever done anything where I used so many different cameras... used a Red Scarlet and Blackmagic Cinema Camera for the initial shoot, then mixed in some stuff shot with my own Xiaomi and Meizu phones, and slow mo images from my Sony RX10 ii. And some drone shots too. It was good for editing exercise.

I'll post the full music video once it's online!