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Introducing EXHALATION with actress/producer Kiki Sugino before its Tokyo International Film Fest screening

My short film EXHALATION was screened on the 23rd of October, Sunday at the Tokyo International Film Festival. I was considered an 'opening act' for Lim Kah Wai's feature film MAGIC AND LOSS. This is me, trying to act like a rock star.

'Vertical Distance' Screening at Malaysian Shorts (August 2007 Edition). I can't attend :(

a screenshot from Vertical Distance Hi folks, got this email from Amir Muhammad at the Malaysian Cinema mailing list

'Vertical Distance' Screened at Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2007

the Cast and Crew of Vertical Distance + Justin, May 2006 My short film, VERTICAL DISTANCE, was just shown at the Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2007 , under their 'LIGHT OF ASIA' programme. The festival was held at Yogyakarta from the 29th of July to the 2nd of August, and my short film was screened on the 30th of July and 1st of August . Have to say that I'm tremendously honoured to be part of this new and exciting film festival. VERTICAL DISTANCE is the first of the two short films I made last year (the other being GIRL DISCONNECTED) and was my first attempt in filmmaking WITH A CREW (it was an all-female crew , I felt like Bill Murray in Charlie's Angels) It was also the first short film I've written by myself. The film, to me, is important in a sense that it helped me discover my own filmmaking voice, I guess, which helped me embark upon something much more ambitious like GIRL DISCONNECTED (a film that would never have existed without VERTICAL DIST

Cinejam screening of my two short films "Girl Disconnected", "Vertical Distance"

I'm going to CINEJAM tomorrow night (14th of June) at KL JAM ASIA. Not one, but TWO of my short films, GIRL DISCONNECTED (watch previews here and here ) and my earlier work, VERTICAL DISTANCE , will be screening there, along with a few others. This marks the FIRST public screening of VERTICAL DISTANCE. I'll be sticking around for the Q & A session, so see you there. (In case you can't see the poster above) CINEJAM Thursday, June 14, 2007. 9:30pm. at KL JAM ASIA No. 19-1, Jalan 22A/70A Plaza Crystalville Desa Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur Tags: edmund yeo , filmmaker , filmmaking , short film , kl jam asia , cinejam , malaysia , malaysian , plaza crystalville , video , youtube

VERTICAL DISTANCE - A Romantic Comedy By Edmund Yeo

It's Valentine's Day, what better time than this to officially launch my romantic comedy short, Vertical Distance ? Vertical Distance is the first of the two short films I made last year (the other being the often-mentioned Girl Disconnected ). Shot in Perth sometime in May last year, with music by Arshi Tope and the popular Malaysian Jazz duo, Rhapsody . Interestingly, a friend of mine, Crystal Yong aka finkl , the current finalist of Singapore's My DreamD8 II show on MTV, was involved in this production, she and I had cameo roles during the 1:40 minute mark. (all crew members of the film had cameo roles :D) Vertical Distance Tags: short film , vertical distance , perth , youtube , video , romance , romantic , crystal yong , finkl , edmund yeo , swifty , my dreamd8 , valentine's day , singapore , singaporean , cute , asian , girl

The Mars Volta

When I was in my late teens, casting around for new music to listen to (this was the golden age of Napster, when you could find anything, and people's tastes were expanding), I started getting into 70's progressive rock. Now, prog has a bad reputation - it's considered uncool and unlistenable by the mainstream media, appreciable only ironically. But my average mix tape contains Norwegian black metal, Japanese girl-pop, Chinese rap, and underground U.S. noise bands, so I could give a fuck less what the mainstream media thinks. The prog bands looked serious, like they cared enough to give their music unconventional themes, arrangements, time signatures, and song titles. They wrote multi-part suites, invented the concept album (as a distinct entity, not a vague muddle like Sgt. Pepper), brought in orchestras (ELO), dabbled in jazz, maxed out the solos. They had outside influences, like film and literature and fantasy and technology. In short, they were trying to keep it n

My short film Vertical Distance is shown to new film students in Murdoch university!

It all happened yesterday evening as I was walking out of my flat to attend the Perth premiere of Australian film 2:37 (will post about this in great detail on my next entry) when I ran into an acquaintance (our more appropriate relationship would be... he is the boyfriend of a friend's friend) who attended the screening of my short film, Vertical Distance (screenshots here ) last semester. The conversation was like this:

Screenshots Of Vertical Distance

It's unsurprising that more and more, readers of this site are forgetting, or are even aware that I'm a writer filmmaker due to the, er, lack of films I've done. Unlike other prolific Malaysian filmmakers like Yasmin Ahmad or Amir Muhammad , two of the short films I did for fun in the past two years, A Boring Story and Forced Labour , were uploaded and viewable only on Youtube, and being short films made only for fun while I was experimenting with various filmmaking techniques (prior to actually taking a filmmaking course like I am doing now), they weren't award-winning material that indie film fans in my own country would fall heads over heels in love with, or land me in the press, or being included in anyone's favourite Malaysian indie filmmaker discussion. I am obscure, underground, still in hiding, still practicising my craft before unleashing it to public. But anyway, just for the sake of reminding everyone that I'm a filmmaker, I'm posting up scre

Photos of Sunday's 'Vertical Distance' (My Short Film) Shoot.

Photos taken last Sunday (14th of June, 2006), when we were shooting a climatic scene for Vertical Distance, my short film. Yeah, been so busy that I can't even update this site myself, seriously.

Vertical Distance short film shoot begins