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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Just yearning to make another film.

A couple of weeks before my departure to Perth last year, I was visited by a high school friend who's also an aspiring filmmaker. The guy was collaborating with another friend of his to work on something for the Astro Chinese Short Film Competition, so he came over to pitch his ideas to me, and also wondered whether I can help them out as well. Alas, I was going to Perth, so I had no choice but to turn down his kind offer, even though I was very tempted to join them.

After that, I bought myself a handycam, and went off to Perth, where I got to make my own short film 'A Boring Story' for this competition organized by Murdoch University. The rest is... er, history.

Fastforward to last night. I've returned to Malaysia for almost two months.

I was visited by my high school buddy again last night, with his partner, and they showed me the stuff they've made for the Astro competition last year. Like me, they didn't get to win anything, but their short film was pretty solid. Like me, both of these guys also had to act as well. But unlike me, they have dialogue in their films. (lucky me!) And also, unlike me, they got an entire week to work on the film. In the end, I'm envious. Envious because they have the enthusiasm and passion to continue working in such an environment (I'm at Perth, so I have more opportunities... but these two guys are really attempting to rejuvenate our Malaysian film industry!) Whilst these two are plotting and scheming for their next short film (I think they're going to participate in this Akira Kurosawa Tribute Film Fest thingie or something), I'm still feeling quietly frustrated and depressed and exasperated with the lack of progress my (supposed) second short film has.

But anyway, I've spoken to Alanded just now, and we'll see what we can work on. It's doubtful that we can do what we've originally planned to do, but we'll make something from those footages we've shot. After that, the only project Alanded and I will be working on is the novel. Nothing else anymore.

In addition to that, I think I'm also going to make preparations, see what kinda stuff can I make when I return to Perth.