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Friday, January 28, 2005

Alexander Payne's SIDEWAYS

Most films that are nominated for the Oscars are usually not shown in Malaysian theatres. In fact, among the five films that were nominated for this year's Oscar (Ray, Finding Neverland, The Aviator, Sideways and Million Dollar Baby), only one, The Aviator, was shown in the cinemas, probably because it had a star-studded cast, and a pretty huge budget.

Ray? Well, the only blind musician most Malaysians know here is Stevie Wonder, so I doubt they'll be interested in a biopic about Ray Charles, despite how influential the guy is.

Finding Neverland? Yeah, it has Johnny Depp, it has Kate Winslet, but it's a DRAMA, so, nope, no luck either.

Ditto with Million Dollar Baby. Too dramatic.

Sideways star a bunch of unknowns (to the regular Malaysian cinemagoers), so it ain't gonna have any chance either. Even though director Alexander Payne's previous flick, About Schmidt, was indeed shown in the cinemas back then, maybe it was the Jack Nicholson factor.

I just watched Sideways just now, and I LOVED IT! I've heard many good things about it, I've seen it winning many awards from various critics' associations, so naturally, my expectations of it are pretty damned high, and I was worried whether it would be as good as I've thought. But YES! It IS that good, man! Holy shit, some scenes are so simple, yet at the same time, it's so warm and nice that it made my eyes tear up, I mean, GODDAMN! It's just a simplistic conversation between a man and a woman, but everything became so freaking poetic and eloquent! Virginie Madsen sure as hell deserve an Oscar! (those who've seen the movie will know which part am I referring to!) Thomas Haden Church's funny, he deserves it too! But PAUL GIAMATTI NOT GETTING AN OSCAR NOMINATION??? What are you people thinking?