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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Turned 21. Birthday contemplations

"Goddamn it, I feel as if I'm trapped in a freaking daytime soap opera."
- Me to Justin, 7th of March

"Relationships, friendship, romantic, family, anything, obviously have their ups and downs. Without the 'downs', there's no way we can ever cherish the 'ups'. Right.. right?"
- Me, 7th of March

"At moments like these, I think friendship is the most important. TOMODACHI, BABY!"
- Me to Chimari, a dear Japanese friend, 4th of March

6th of March was my birthday. So many things have happened during the past few days that I didn't even feel like blogging. So, I'm 21 now, and for the first time ever, I celebrated my birthday without my family.

A potentially depressing event was turned into something rather special when my birthday had seemingly became a 3-day celebration of sorts. It all began when Justin threw a birthday party at his flat for me on the 4th of March. The very first birthday party I had since I was six years old (I had that one in McDonald's, hehe). But everything wasn't exactly smooth at first, when the party started, there were only, like, 5-6 people in the flat. And I thought I was probably going to have a rather quiet party, where I get to eat with a couple of friends...

And then, people started swarming in. The group of Singaporean peeps, the wonderful Japanese girls, and well, a couple of people I don't even know!!! So, as I've told everyone before I cut the cake. It was a VERY rough week for me, but to see them come to my party... I really appreciated that.

5th of March, I went to Carousel (one of Perth's largest shopping malls, if not THE largest) with another group of friends, and saw the new Will Smith movie, Hitch (alone). Maybe it was what I was going through at the moment, I just felt that the events in the movie was something I could VERY MUCH relate to.

Finally, on 6th of March itself, it seemed to be a rather uneventful day since we've just finished committing the aforementioned crime. Even though I was prodded my mom 'to do something meaningful on this meaningful day', I couldn't think of what to do. The day was too hot for me to go to either Perth City or Fremantle. My heart told me to look for a lady friend of mine so that I could exorcise some rather unhappy experiences that happened between us both, but my head told me that it would be better for me to stay away for a longer period of time. Some wounds are needed to be healed by time. In the end, I ended up in the Anime Club screening... for a while *sigh*. Had dinner with two big sisterly figures, then, just when I thought I would retire into my room, and spend the rest of my birthday in my own room by myself, I stumbled into the gang of Singaporean peeps (who came to my party), and hung out with them. Great experience, I love them all. Then I went off to another friend's house so that i can transfer some of my TV dramas into her comp, and at the same time, she let me watch the first episode of some Korean drama called Full House. It's enjoyable.

So, I went home, content. And I started pondering.

Did I do anything meaningful as my mom has suggested? Well, I sure as hell didn't save the world, or save the lives of people, I didn't exactly do anything out of ordinary during my birthday, nothing really THAT meaningful. But then, despite my eccentricities, and the fact that I tend to do things alone, I am still a person who craves company, someone who needs some social contact, someone who can be KILLED by loneliness! So, doing stuff with friends, doing stuff for friends seem good enough for me.