Lune making her first ever guest appearance in this blog

It does make your head feel lighter to be a guest on someone else's blog. It's as if I'm one of those Backstreet men, or Tom Cruise doing a heart to heart with Oprah, with the exception of tears or monkey antics, but I wouldn't be so sure after that long 24 hours on a drawing sprint. I might even rival Tom's vulgar outburst, shed some tears of joy, trash my room. Who knows? The excitement is buzzing in blogland, and I am estatic to be part of it. It's just one of those crazy things that one has to do before turning 21 (in Eliar's case, he's already reached the big two one, so that doesn't count).

Never in my mind would I have thought that Eliar and I would some day join forces for Blogathon; definitely not at that time when we were still in our school uniforms, sitting at such close proximity to the point of annoyance (it's more like him annoying anyone within arm's reach), discussing subjects that were considered elitist by our classmates or comparing the length of our respective English essays. It's been almost 4 years now, ever since I came to Melbourne, and though we've all since moved on from where we were in life, through the aid of technology, we're surprisingly still good friends when everyone else faded away. He still bugs me every so often on MSN, dishing his opinions on those movies that hath the good grace of being seen by his Swiftiness. And it's all good. I get all my movie updates from him. He's a good friend no? Afterall he's probably the first person I knew that stayed up as late as I do for the sake of the web, read more books than I do, and seems to understand whatever I am talking about.

But enough of him, this post is after all my introduction post, where you get to learn about this aspiring artist/ fashion designer. The terms itself are pretty self explanatory. I am afterall still holding P plates to my proposed profession. However it will all end soon in approximately 9 weeks' time. I will then leave Melbourne after a long four year stint and go home! While many feel bleak about the prospects in Malaysia, I for one am excited by the potential that our arts industry holds. We are not there yet amongst culturally developed countries like England, America or Australia, but we're improving, most importantly when there's people out there with the awareness of the importance of art and design in the applications of everyday life. I am determine to be one of those people that bring about change, no matter how big or small that change might be, just as long as I do my part.

And I know I'll turn out fine in the end.