Book Aid International is the charity I choose for Blogathon

This is wonderful. I have received an email from Madeleine of Book Aid yesterday after telling them about our campaign. Here's her email.

Dear Edmund,

Thank you so much for supporting us! $10 is a fine start! In fact, $10 means we are able to get about 5 books into the hands of readers overseas - you see, even a
small amount makes a big difference. We're really glad you've chosen to support Book
Aid International - please do let me know if you'd like any more information about

Good luck! And thank you so much!


I've gotten two sponsors thus far (thanks, Jett and JL!) with $15 pledged. A small amount to most, but as Madeleine has said, it will still make a big difference. Whether it is $15, $150, $1500, or even $15 Million pledged, Lune and I will give 110% for Blogathon tomorrow. This, I promise. So be there for us! Even if you can't give us financial support, your moral support will still be wondrously invaluable to us!

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