Going To Make An English-Language Film Instead Of A Malay One. (Unless Someone Can Help With Translation)

"Are you ready to die?" - Tun Perak

"Always." - Hang Tuah

And thus, the screenplay for my next short film, a sci-fi short flick (tentatively titled 'Aisyalam') based on the Hang Tuah vs Hang Jebat storyline is complete (despite the fact that I had shot a scene or two with my 'Hang Jebat' during the past week, but they have no dialogue) just hours ago by Justin. Originally intended to be a Malay film, I'm starting to have second thoughts on this, and I think, by taking the capabilities of my cast members into account, it would be more logical for me to make an English film.
"Those who seek to destroy me become me. We have institutionalized insurgency as a necessary element of economic regeneration. Insurgent elements will be reintegrated into the system for core processing. It is now impossible to imagine conditions other than present existence. Our consciousness is the consciousness of the empire itself." - The Sultan

... considering how difficult it would be to actually translate the dialogue. I mean, even if it is translated, most of the meaning will be lost, and that would be a waste of what Justin has written. However, by turning my film into English, one of the main gimmicks I want would be gone.
One of the main reasons why I wanted to make this a Malay film is because the story IS based on a Malay folklore, and that having a noirish sci-fi in Malay seems to be quite a cool idea. It'll be like Jean Luc Godard's Alphaville, or Fritz Lang's Metropolis, but in MALAY! And it'll be so cool to be able to put 'Pengarah: Edmund Yeo' in the credits or something.
Alas, reality strikes, and I think I'll have to be more realistic and shoot an English film instead. Well, a MALAYSIAN sci-fi film in English is still quite a rarity, I guess. Doesn't help if half of my cast members do not understand what are they babbling about either.

"Would you betray the Sultan if it meant saving Aisyalam?" - Tun Perak
Bought a desklight and a floodlight as my lighting equipments yesterday afternoon, for now, I think I should already have enough equipment needed for the production of this film. Hopefully shooting will run smoothly next week, during the one-week semester break.

"Machine-consciousness is the nervous system of civilization. Removal of machine-consciousness implies self-destruction. We are not separate entities. I am a manifestation of market infrastructure. Progress is inevitable. Retrograde elements in the system will be annihilated. Progress is inevitable." - The Sultan

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