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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sky High

Sky High is a story about Will Stronghold, the son of the two greatest superheroes in the world, going to an elite school responsibile for molding the superpowers of gifted teenagers... unfortunately, he doesn't have any superpowers at all. The whole angle of whether he will ever get his powers or not would have been very interesting and suspenseful if it weren't for that stupid theatrical trailer that revealed too much. Besides, Sky High, being a Disney film, is too fluffy and harmless, when it could have been a much edgier and grittier (read: MUCH COOLER!) film.

So yes, despite the whole thing about superheroes, this feels very much like a typical teen movie where the hero has to live up to the expectations of his loving parents, and go through some girl problems, and fend against school bullies, and being relegated to the 'Sidekicks' class instead of the 'Heroes' class due to his lack of powers, he has to prove himself to be better than the jocks (the superheroes) with his misfit group of friends.

Unfortunately, likable he may be, the character of Will Stronghold is too bland and boring, while I find myself more intrigued by his angst-ridden fire-wielding archrival Warren Peace (Steven Strait), a nice guy beneath a tough badass exterior. More screentime and character development would have been given to him. In fact, with such a colourful cast of characters, instead of being reduced to stereotypes, some of them should have been fleshed out more (like how, ah, the American Pie guys are done).


Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

*cough* Pardon me.

Right. Gwen is the high school senior whom Will Stronghold has a crush on, but who seemingly seems to have designs of her own. Any idiot could see that she's a bad... BAAAAAAAAD gal. And I shall post photos of her to show you how bad she is. After all, she is played by the actress who plays Samara in Ring 2. How badass can that be?

Yum. Credit given to her for sustaining most of my attention in the film (Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston, being the veteran actors they are, are of course good, but they don't really appear that much). Being able to carry a film like this is a marvellous feat. Born in 28th of November, 1984 (my age!!!), Mary Elizabeth Winstead's films thus far are Sky High and Ring 2, and her next project will be Final Destination 3. Well... it's probably going to be a shit film, but hey, who knows? Despite giving FD2 a pass, I MIGHT give FD3 a go.

This movie strives to entertain families, and I guess it kinda succeeds, but it could have been a much better movie.