CARS is not a Pixar masterpiece, but still good

Cars is about Lightning McQueen, a vain and cocky racecar who got stranded in Radiator Springs while he was on his way to a major race. Hanging out with the eccentric residents of Radiator, he discovers the true meaning of family and friendship. The film is a journey of self-discovery (not just for Lightning, but for other characters too), and also a love letter to the kind of lifestyle long forgotten in the contemporary world.

Being a racecar, Lightning had always been about racing from place to another, everything is just about reaching your destination. He couldn't remember when was the last time he merely went for a drive, and not race in a breakneck pace. But slowing down did make him discover things he had never noticed before, and in the world of Cars, which is populated only by sentient mechanical vehicles and nothing else (human-like cars, cow-like tractors etc.) the landscapes and the sceneries are indeed breathtaking.

The graphics in Cars are amazing. While other Pixar competitors like Dreamworks and Fox are still making 3D films with talking animals, Pixar created one with talking machines, and unlike last year's mediocre Robots by Fox, these cars are so believable and infused with creativity that I cared for them and their world much more (I wanted Robots to end earlier because it got way too stupid). This is a film with heart and soul, where director John Lasseter's (making his first film since Toy Story 2) love for his characters is apparent, and that he didn't need to manipulate audiences with half-assed manufactured jokes and Robin Williams' voice-acting (sorry, I just realized that I seriously despise Robots).

Speaking of voice-acting, Owen Wilson and Paul Newman were terrific in their roles as Lightning and Doc Hudson (Newman said that this would be his second last film), while the others around them provided fantastic support expected in a Pixar film, and proving that they never need all-star voice-acting casts like the other film companies do.

Overall, Cars never reaced the dizzying heights of its predecessors like Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, but it's still one of the better films of the year. Not many 3D films are better than Cars, it's just unfortunate that most of the better ones are other Pixar films.

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