Video: Visiting Relatives During Chinese New Year

As Malaysia's premiere vlogger, I'm making it a necessity for me to post as many videos as possible. While I don't really like sharing my personal life with my writings, I don't mind using my videos to do so, after all, these vlog entries are meant for me to prevent my editing (and camera) skills from becoming too rusty. I think it's good for my international readers to see what my life is like through my camera lens, and for the local readers, well, things I've shot are most probably familiar to many of you.

The Chinese New Year is one of my all-time favourite festive periods, mostly because it is the time where I can collect angpows/red packets, it's also a time for family gatherings, where you can meet relatives you know you'll never meet in other moments of the year. This year's Chinese New Year was sometime around the end of January until the beginning of February.

I've posted a short video clip of me having my Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner with my family on February, but I never had the chance to upload the other videos I've shot back then due to the limited Internet access I have in Perth. Anyway, the following two videos are also shot sometime around the end of January, probably the 30th, if I ain't wrong. They are pretty much like music videos with minimal dialogue.

If you're from overseas, you'll get the chance to witness our culture. If you're local, you'll get to relive this wondrous festival.

Visiting my aunt's house

This is a tremendously SHORT video of my family and I, visiting my aunt (dad's elder sister) and her family. Nothing interesting, except for a shot where you see me holding a picture of me when I was a toddler. Definitely for all hardcore Swiftyholics who want to see how Swifty looks like when he was a toddler.

Visiting grandma and watching fireworks in Ipoh

Ipoh is the capital city of Perak, a Malaysian state 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur (by car). My grandmother and most of my mother's family are staying there, and we visit them annually for Chinese New Year. In this video, you'll see the numerous cousins, uncles, aunts of mine (my mother had 7 siblings) chilling in my grandmother's house, but the coolest part is the second third of the video, where you get to see some people playing with fireworks at night, and then witness Ipoh's nightlife, where everyone's gathered at restaurants and cafes that are opened way after midnight (a luxury I never got to enjoy in Perth).

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