Video: My Japanese Friend, Maiko, Makes Oyako Don

When I returned to Malaysia (from Perth) last November, my friend, Maiko, came along with me as she was to tour around Malaysia and Singapore before returning to Japan.

So yeah, here are some photos she took during her stay here. (note: I've posted these photos before)

Maiko and My Little Sister

Left: My little sis. (wearing Maiko's kimono, there's a video of her in this kimono and dancing). Right: Maiko.

With Maiko and my little sister.

Another photo with Maiko in it.

Well, here's a video of her when she was staying at my place back then. We get to see her chillin' with my family and I in a restaurant, and then strolling through the shopping mall, 1-Utama (watch this recent video I posted). But the rest of the video is about her showcasing her culinary skills by preparing Oyako Don in my kitchen. Oyako Don is a chicken-egg-onion mixture over rice. Oyaka means 'Parent and child', which refers to the Chicken-Egg combination. Which is pretty creepy, actually. But the food is pretty damned delicious.