Trilogy of Videos Featuring My Misadventures in Perth

I've returned to Malaysia from Perth! Yes, I think this is pretty sudden since I've not made any mention of this in previous posts, but then, I haven't really been updating that much until the last few days. So yeah, I'm currently in Malaysia to rest the energies I've expended to make my short film, Vertical Distance (read this, this and this entry if you interested in a bit of its filmmaking process).

So, the first semester has ended, my adventures as a postgrad film student has temporarily came to a halt. This is the intermission, a halftime break, just before I launch into working on my even ambitious and large-scale project next month (Vertical Distance was just a warm-up). Now that I am in good old Malaysia again, I've freed myself temporarily from the shackles of limited internet connection, and will be able to post numerous videos I've made throughout last few months which I've not been able to upload onto Youtube as it would take away too much of my Internet quota money.

After all, it is time for me to reclaim my throne as Malaysia's most-loved vlogger (though the throne has pretty much been vacant during my absence, no?) by unleashing numerous videos for you all to watch. Most of them are personal, and they will kinda shed some light upon my personal life, which I've pretty much avoid speaking about in most of my written entries because this site isn't intended as a personal blog, but a platform for me to share my creative works, be it written or filmmaking, with the outside world.

In this entry, I shall post three videos that were shot during different moments of my life in Murdoch University in the last five months.

Murdoch University's Guild Day 2006

The first one is a short little clip of Murdoch University's Guild Day 2006 held on the 13th of February, which is not that much except for me playing with fast motion, removing certain colours from shots, and, oh yeah, some cute girls around. So just watch it for the cute girls who appeared towards the end of the video.

Welcoming Himeji Visitors At Fremantle

This one is shot during the 26th of February. Just before the Sony Tropfest 2006 in the evening (which I made a short video clip of as well, check it out here) . A group of students from Himeji, Japan were to have a month-long exchange program at Murdoch University. Justin, president of the Japanese Club, organized a welcome tour for them at Fremantle. This is a video of him and other Japanese club members showing these guests around at the sunny streets and beaches of Fremantle. Quite a nice-looking video, if you ask me.

Kimiko's Birthday Party

Kimiko's a Japanese friend of mine who came to study in Murdoch this year. This is a birthday party held in her flat back in the 18th of April, 2006. Due to her popularity, it was a pretty big party, with lots of stuff going on. But this video I made is more about presenting the great friendship she has with her best friend, Yukiko. I truly enjoyed making this video, and think it's one of the better (if not the best) party videos I've ever made. Song used is 'Birthday Eve' by TiA (who sang for the Naruto anime). A great song. Yes, there are numerous pretty girls in the video.

More videos will come. Tell me what you think of these videos!