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Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

My Super Ex-Girlfriend has an interesting sounding concept, it's almost like Superman Returns with a twist, imagine Superman actually being PISSED about Lois having a fiance and a son, then decides to make her life a living hell.

That's kinda what I've expected My Super Ex-Girlfriend to be kinda like. A film that pokes fun of the usual conventions you see in the superhero genre, unfortunately, no, it doesn't do it that much. The film is pretty horrible.

While the theater wasn't empty, I've never seen a comedy where everyone was entirely silent. Can you believe it? Not a single scene in the film made anyone laugh, or chuckle, or anything. Just pure silence, I was as uncomfortable with the film as I was with the audiences. So yeah, the movie's about a regular guy (Luke Wilson) dumping a superhero (Uma Thurman) because she's a neurotic, domineering control freak and actually realizing that he loves his co-worker (Anna Faris, the Scary Movie chick).

This could've turned into a really, really funny (and witty) film, or it could've been done in a darker manner with more emotional depth, where the pain endured by a superhero is felt by the audiences as well (like what great superhero films like Spidey 2 and Batman Begins did), and we would start feeling sorry for the superhero character, hoping that she would really get together with that guy she loves. (kinda like a reverse gender Spidey film, actually, hmm)

It's not that difficult for audiences to feel sorry for a superhero character these days, I mean, come on, here's a chick who is constantly interrupted during a date to save lives, and that her superpowers are more like a burden than a gift, where with great powers come great responsiblities... oops. (you should be able to notice by now that the Spidey flicks are my all-time favourite superhero films).

However, this film has taken a different route, and the superhero character was supposed to be (kind of) the villain, a psychotic superpowered bitch bent on revenge. Even so, THAT could've been made funnier, but she merely started tormenting the guy in the last 30-45 mins of the film, and what she did wasn't even that, well, insane, or original. The megavillian character, Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard), amusing as he was, was somewhat unnecessary.

But anyway, the film was pretty bad (to the point which I started feeling a little embarrassed towards the end of the film, which seldom happened these days, with my much lowered expectations for such movies). Nothing about the film worked at all. Kinda sad that the film's directed by Ivan Reitman, who was responsible for the great Ghostbuster films.

The Dutch trailer is better than the actual film.