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It's unsurprising that more and more, readers of this site are forgetting, or are even aware that I'm a writer filmmaker due to the, er, lack of films I've done. Unlike other prolific Malaysian filmmakers like Yasmin Ahmad or Amir Muhammad, two of the short films I did for fun in the past two years, A Boring Story and Forced Labour, were uploaded and viewable only on Youtube, and being short films made only for fun while I was experimenting with various filmmaking techniques (prior to actually taking a filmmaking course like I am doing now), they weren't award-winning material that indie film fans in my own country would fall heads over heels in love with, or land me in the press, or being included in anyone's favourite Malaysian indie filmmaker discussion. I am obscure, underground, still in hiding, still practicising my craft before unleashing it to public.

But anyway, just for the sake of reminding everyone that I'm a filmmaker, I'm posting up screenshots of my last short film, Vertical Distance, which I wrote and directed last semester as a school assignment, and was pretty well-received during its screening in university. Due to the fact that I haven't actually reclaim the rights for the film, I can't really upload it anywhere, or submit it to film festivals, so all you can do is just check out the screenshots (click them for more details... though not that much details were provided).

Vertical Distance Screenshot 1

Vertical Distance Screenshot 2

Vertical Distance Screenshot 3

Vertical Distance Screenshot 4




Vertical Distance pretty much points to the height difference between the protagonists Devin and Mandy. Being shorter than his girlfriend, Devin is constantly plagued with self doubt and angst, whilst Mandy has to suffer the complaints of her disapproving and entirely quirky multiracial friends.

Things came to a boiling point during a supposedly lovely afternoon date when Devin suggested to break up... dum dum dum.

The soundtrack came from mostly Creative Commons-protected works in CCMixter, However, the opening and closing themes are by Rhapsody, a promising two-piece Jazz duo in Malaysia who had been plugged by Cyber-red and Lainie, oh, and myself too in this article of mine. They, along with their friends, also happen to be some of the rare people in the planet to have watched Vertical Distance. (aspiring filmmaker Chewxy, whom I met when I was in Malaysia, would've been one of them too, unfortunately, I forgot to hand him the DVD, it's all my fault)

Well, there you go, an attempt on self-promotion.

Anyway, this weekend, I'll be announcing my upcoming short film that I've already begun preparation on pre-production for.

Miu miu.

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