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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Help Me Rename My Short Film!

Girl Disconnected is just the working title of my upcoming short film. Of course, originally, I was thinking of sticking with the title, but Yun Chin, my producer/ assistant director, felt that it doesn't seem appealing, or particularly memorable.

And after many sleepless nights of thinking and angst, I have to admit that she was right.

The title Girl Disconnected was conceived by Alex (you may know him as Professor Alan Wong from my webcomics) when its story was much different from its current incarnation.

When I started developing its story, its settings was meant to be a futuristic world reeling from the Digital Apocalypse, where Internet had collapsed entirely and everyone had to cope with it. Thus the heroine, Maya, and her genius hacker brother and that next-door neighbour who secretly loves her, has to journey to the depths of YahooGleSoft Tower to restore the Internet, so that she can speak to her online boyfriend again. (it was loosely based on this unfinished satirical short story I wrote back in January, if you're interested in reading, go read Part 1 and Part 2)

But numerous revisions and rethinking and reconceptualizing and many other things that began with 're' later, I turned it into something more fairy tale-ish.

And it became a story of a girl who took a train to the moon to seek her love. Simpler, weirder, more quirky and magical.

While the title Girl Disconnected is somewhat relevant to the plot (the girl, with her tireless search for love, the fact that she always lives in her imagination, is seemingly disconnected from the outside), I really don't mind changing its title.

(I personally would go for Girl On The Moon.)

Any suggestions from you all? I might pick the few I like and hold a voting poll. (IF I have that many people chiming in their suggetions, haha)

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