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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SNAKES ON A PLANE is not as fun as the internet memes it spawned

Josh is a friend of mine who appeared in my two last short films, Forced Labour (look out for the guy who played rock, paper and scissors with Justin at the beginning of the film) and Vertical Distance (still unavailable to the public, alas) . He tends to go... overexcited at the movies.

Incident 1: Almost got him and Justin killed by rabid Potter fans when both of them went to see Harry Potter 4 (my review here), all because he couldn't stop laughing during the death scenes.

Incident 2: Brought him along when I went to see X-Men 3 (my review here) with Michelle (aka my favouritest person in the world) and her group of friends. He, er, asked Michelle's friends to shut up when they were gasping at the Superman Returns trailer. Then was, well, cheering when Jean Grey's kissing Logan. Oh, and some laughter during some death scenes too.

That's why Snakes On A Plane was the perfect movie to see with him.

Now, we all know about the film, its internet fueled hype, how bloggers were hyping it up because of the crazy title, and how people were making songs (look for them at Tagworld), doing mashup videos for it (look for them at Youtube). Then its ultimate disappointment at the US box-office.

I haven't cared that much about the film at first until I realized that it turned into some kinda Rocky Horror Show-type experience for American cinemagoers (audience participation IS a necessity, people MUST throw parties while watching the film). THAT definitely perked my interest.

Unfortunately, when I went with Justin and Josh, we forgot to bring the Snakes On A Plane participation script with us. Which sucks, because half (or more) of the fun is taken away.

As we were watching the afternoon show, the audiences were relatively quiet, in fact, I assumed most people were actually taking the film seriously.

THEN Josh came to the rescue.

Him with his inappropriate laughter and shouts to the screen.

If we were watching some other film, I would've been embarrassed, scanning the exit, looking for a way to crawl out.

But this time, JOSH saved the movie. NOT Samuel L. Jackson, NOT the Snakes on a plane, but JOSH. Yes, great old Josh!





And obviously, a raucous applause from us all when Samuel L Jackson went 'I want the motherfuckin' snakes off the motherfuckin' plane."

Few days later, my dad, who just saw the film, complained to me how bad it was.

I smirked. It wasn't hard to know why it was such a horrible experience for my dad.

He didn't watch it with Josh.


And hence my dilemma. You see, the film IS very forgettable. Despite seeing it only last Friday, that's just three days ago, it's impossible for me to write an actual review. I can't even remember most of it already, neither does Justin.

Well, we remember, er, snakes on a plane, and Samuel L Jackson, killing snakes on a plane, and people, getting killed by snakes on a plane, but, well, that's it. Only advice? Go with a bunch of loud friends, your viewing experience will be enhanced. Watching it by yourself will only make you wish that you were eaten by snakes on a plane.

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