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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Check out previous entries of the Girl Disconnected Production Diary.

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In which I introduce Girl Disconnected by giving a brief summary of its plot.

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In which I talk briefly about my production team and the ideas that sprang out during the meeting that can hopefully finance the film.

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Anyway, time for me to keep you all updated on the production of my upcoming short film, Girl Disconnected, which I haven't talked about for nearly two weeks, I think.

- Brian the Cinematographer and I sat together last week to devise all kinds of visual storytelling methods for the film, and numerous of my stylistic trademarks (fast-mo, split screens etc.) will be retained.

- Some problems have occurred. I have yet to get myself an art director who can help me take charge of production set design. (Christine, who was originally the art director, will be involved in the production of another documentary, hence she can only concentrate on the costume design) A problem I can hopefully rectify as soon as tomorrow.

- I said tomorrow because by a strange stroke of luck, I met Brandon, a professional cinematographer from uni just now whom I recognized from last semester when he gave a demonstration of lighting sets and stuff. I made a passing mention that I'm missing someone to help with the production design, and VOILA, he immediately gave me the phone number of his business partner from a production company he had just started.

- Audition had begun. I received numerous emails and calls responding to it...

- One is from Sarah Lawrence, a contestant in last year's Australia's Next Top Model! Has quite a lot of experience in acting on stage, television and numerous short films!

- And here comes the craziest irony! Remember when I mentioned how I almost starred in an angsty short film about incest? And that my acting dreams were dashed when someone else took the role? That someone else, Chau (whom I had referred to unjustly as 'THE INCESTUOUS BROTHER!' since he played an incestuous brother in Qipao the short film), is now slated to play the male lead, Wiler.

- Look at the above sentence again. Insane huh?

- Guestblogger Justin's contributions in auditions have been substantial. Whenever someone's auditioning for the female lead, he would play the male lead, whenever someone's auditioning for the male lead, he would play the female lead.

- Audition videos MUST be kept for the upcoming DVD. Yes!

- Considering that Justin's been plugging so many Japanese artistes lately, I might someday plug Ego-Wrappin', this wondrous Japanese jazz group I discovered three years ago and never stopped listening since.

- Check out the video first.